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The History of Scottish Whisky – A tasting

I recently held a tasting to illustrate the history of Scottish whisky. One bottle was chosen to represent an era of whisky making and then I waffled on. The evening seemed to go quite well and so I decided to write it up. Having done so I thought it might be a good idea to revive this dormant blog and post it. There were seven sections and hence seven individual posts. The whiskies are listed below in a table that was given as a handout. The tasting notes are not my own (I don’t do really do tasting notes), they were gathered from the company or retailers.

The whiskies:

Mists of Time

Glenturret Peat Smoked

Age: 10yrs
abv: 48.4%
1st & 2nd fill American &  European oak
Nose: Creamy vanilla, orange peel, and cinnamon join campfire smoke.
Palate: Hedgerow fruits, smoked heather, nutmeg, and lemon sherbets. Followed by ashy smoke and citrus
Laying the FoundationsBalmenach (Master of Malt)

Age: 8yrs
abv: 57.8%
Finished in olorosso octave
Nose – Burnt sugar, hot caramel, dark chocolate with almonds, creamy coffee, rice pudding
Palate -Lick of toffee coats the mouth followed by a light dusting of pepper. Rich and sweet, with creamy notes of dark beer and char leading to more spicy oak and chewy toffee pennies
Victorian PeakGlen Elgin Infrequent Flyers Cask

Age: 15
abv: 55.4%
Sauternes finish
Nose -Sweet: brandy snaps and peanut brittle. sugared almonds and pistachios.
Palate – Underlying honeycomb. Orchard fruit notes – stewed apricots, raisins and apple strudel. Dusted with brown sugars, spices towards the end – pepper definitely; maybe cinnamon.
Facing AdversityThompson Bros TB/BSW

Age: 6yrs
abv: 46%
Sherry matured
Nose – Plum sauce, golden sultanas, cinder toffee and coffee creme patisserie
Palate – Golden sultanas, raisin loaf, buttered Jamaica cake, maple and toasted
Finish – Soft warm spice, allspice, nutmeg and cinnamon, with orange peel and dried figs 
Post-War RebuildTormore Distillery Reserve Collection

Age: 16
abv: 56.9
1st fill bourbon
Nose: Oranges and tangerines, then, compote and green apples. Vanilla, burnt cereals, a nuttiness.
Taste: More tropical fruitiness all supported by high maltiness, some buttered popcorn. Spice – ginger and pepper leading, some gentle anise A few drops of water add in lively lemon drops as well as coconut shavings.
After the GoldrushKilchoman Cognac Cask

abv: 50%
Fully matured in cognac casks
Nose: Apples and pears with notes of honey, orange peel, baking spices, and smoky peat. Palate: Creamy and buttery with lemon and apricot fruit, spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. Oak and peat smoke. Long finish, with flavours of dried fruit, spices, and almonds.
Now and ThenLochlea Cask Strength

Age: NAS
abv: 60.1
Bourbon & Olorosso
Nose – Fruit punch, cigar notes, coffee beans
Palate – Fruit, Brazil nuts, Orange syrup, aged oak shavings

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