The more I taste whisky the more I think about it, the more I think about it the more I want to note things down. This blog  is my playground where I can express my sense of wonder at something that is fundamentally simple yet infinitely complex.

But  please remember I have no special expertise, my palate is not particularly discerning and this is not written from any position of authority. It should  be read with scepticism.

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  1. Dear David
    I just came across your website by chance, trying to find out more about Jay Pomeroy, my father’s “producer /backer” many decades ago. My father was George Kirsta whom you mention in connection with Sorochintsy Fair in the 1940s.
    I am trying to help an Austrian phd. student who is writing a thesis on my father’s life and work. Since Pomeroy is only a name to me I thought I would do some digging, which I’m used to doing as a journalist and author. If you know more about J P and that era I would love to hear frim you.
    Since I am at some stage planning to write a memoir about my family, any more such information would be very welcome. I do have Kyra Vane and Diana Menuhin ‘s books and agree Diana’s is the more accurate one, having met and talked to them both!

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