Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Lightly Peated

Whisky, Blabber 'n' Smoke


Imperial (not the distillery)

The previous post praised the longevity of Berry Bros & Rudd and how they managed to prosper by looking forward as well as back. However there is a difference between a sense of tradition and daft nostalgia and since the Brexit vote there has been an upsurge in daft nostalgia. High on that list has been the idea of bringing back imperial measures. The BBC had an article on it which includes “Simon Berry, chairman of Berry Bros & Rudd, has gone as far as to say it is his lifetime’s ambition to sell champagne in pint-sized bottles – currently outlawed in the UK – and in his words to reclaim it from “rules-obsessed bureaucrats”. (http://www prix du viagra au


For a primer on the totally transparent and self evidently logical system of imperial measurements I offer you this primer on length. For a whisky drinker it is interesting the whole basis is  a grain of barley – but apart from that it is silly

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