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A Laphroaig Celebration

As I have already said this was a very good visit and if it had ended normally we would have been happy but what happened next made it all extra special and left us with warmer feelings for Laphroaig.

After the tasting the rest of the group we were with disappeared for an additional guided flavour tasting, which we hadn’t booked for. We were left alone to wander round the display panels, take our time and then fill out forms to become Friends of Laphroaig. It was all very relaxed and when we handed them in and we were offered another dram to taste. When were tasting it we were asked which one was Alex? Lo and behold my daughter had become the 600,000 Friend of Laphroaig – wonderful news as she was presented with a personalised gift box of 10 year old with 2 glasses. Brilliant! but then things got a whole load better as to celebrate this we were offered something really special – a dram of the 30 year old. How good is that?

We chatted about our plans for the rest of our holiday and were told that if we were in the neighbourhood again we should pop in just to say hello as we would be very welcome. And that is what we felt as we left: that Laphroaig is one of the most welcoming places in the world.

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