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Standing Stones

Stones near Glengorm Castle

These standing stones at Glengorm are just a few miles away from Tobermory distillery. Mull as an island is rich in standing stones and stone circles, remnants of an ancient past, a reminder that people have lived here for thousands of years. 

I have often said a visit to a distilleries is a form of industrial archeology. We look for evidence of how things were arranged and how the process was managed. The old buildings might still be in use or they might have been abandoned, it doesn’t matter, we can still look for the traces. On Mull though it is easy to go from a couple of hundred years ago to thousands and the mysteries of megalithic stones.

Visiting distilleries is not just about whisky, it is also a matter of seeing the buildings in their surroundings – getting a feel for the place. These stones might not be as imposing as the remains on Orkney but they certainly do the job.

P.S. The distillery calls its members area ‘The Stone Circle’ to suggest a connection to the ancient history of the island.

P.P.S. If you are in the area I can recommend the Glengorm cafe

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