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Distillery Visits

Islay Index

We visited Islay in March and so, with a well deserved reputation for always doing things in a timely manner, I have managed to organise a blog 6 months later. Hmm…

Obviously it’s mostly about whisky but that’s not the only reason for going. There is a stark beauty to the place that looks different with every change of the weather – and the weather changes remarkably frequently. Of course, if you like watching birds it is a well favoured spot but even if you don’t it is wonderful place to come to find some peace and tranquility.

The posts cover the following topics:

1. an introduction to our stay

2. our first visit was to Laphroaig, which set the bar very high

3. a Laphroaig taste association

4. the 600,000 member of Friends of Laphroaig

5. Lagavulin (but mainly about interior design)

6. the visit to Bowmore

7. Bruichladdich has a tradition of the modern as well as the old

8. wine finishes

9. bere barley has been cultivated since the times of the Vikings

10. Kilchoman, the last of the independents

11. a diversion with dogs

12. Bunnahabhain is quite remote

13. an Ardbeg tasting

14. might the fashion for highly peated whiskies wane?

15. I have no favourite whisky

16. in conclusion

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